Accountant testing and staff qualification assessment
  • Reliable staff
  • Comfortable employment
  • Stable record keeping in your company
Acsour provides personnel testing services
to assess the professional knowledge of accounting staff.
Our tests help to determine the level of knowledge of candidates and current specialists.
Why is it necessary to test candidates?
  • Repeated costs of employee adaptation
    It is difficult to objectively assess the professional qualities and soft skills of a candidate when applying for a job without clear data. A mismatch in a position is often discovered after a period of adaptation, requiring additional costs to find a new specialist. Testing using a special technique allows you to evaluate all the necessary parameters in advance and save time and money.
  • Risks associated with lack of qualifications
    Insufficient competence of the applicant for the position of HR specialist, accountant and, moreover, chief accountant threatens to disrupt the work of business-critical processes. Fines, blocking of accounts, personal responsibility of the head of the company — conducting objective testing of the applicant will help to protect against these risks.
  • Subjective assessment of the candidate
    Many employers are familiar with situations when an applicant who has shown himself well at an interview shows himself differently in the work process. Testing using a specially developed methodology will help to avoid such situations. Don’t waste your time and money, make a decision based on objective data.
Staff testing from Acsour
Acsour’s own solution will help you objectively assess the level of knowledge of your employees and applicants.
We will conduct testing and provide a detailed report within 1 day.
All tests are developed by our specialists based on more than 10 years of experience in the field of outsourcing accounting functions and cover all the necessary blocks.
  • Accounting employee
    Depending on the position, the assessment includes from 40 to 96 questions. For the position of chief accountant, we additionally conduct testing of logical thinking skills.

    In more detail
  • HR specialist
    The assessment is conducted using 50 questions and includes all the necessary blocks to determine the level of knowledge and skills of a specialist.

    In more detail
Testing an accounting employee
Who are we checking:
  • Accountant
  • Senior Accountant
  • Chief Accountant
  • Deputy Chief Accountant
  • Head of the Accounting Group
  • Payroll Accountant
  • Head of the Payroll Group
What are we checking:
  • general issues (reporting, accounting policy, legislation);
  • accounting rules for certain types of funds and assets;
  • accounting transactions;
  • taxation and VAT;
  • calculation and accrual of salary
Testing of a HR specialist
Who are we checking:
  • Senior Specialists
  • Managers
  • Deputies
  • HRA Specialists
What are we checking:
  • HRA;
  • accounting of working hours;
  • features of employee registration;
  • knowledge of the legislation on personnel accounting
When accountant and HR testing is required

On recruitment

The examination of the candidate’s knowledge and skills is carried out on all issues necessary for professional activity. You can be sure that the specialist really has all the knowledge for correct accounting in your company.
Сarrying out certification
Acsour experts advise you to regularly check the knowledge of accounting staff and especially the chief accountant. An employee’s ignorance of the latest changes can result in serious accounting violations.
ISO 27001:2013
An international standard in the field of information security for the creation, development and maintenance of an information security management system in an organization.
ACCA Approved Employer
Accredited employer of the Global Association of Finance and Accounting Professionals ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants).

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