HR administration
HR records management is tied in with the need to navigate numerous regulations. Employment legislation changes frequently, as do the interpretation of the law, and case law.

Acsour HR administration services include the set-up of HR processes for new companies, regular HR records maintenance as well as HR data check and restoration.

We guarantee the high level of data privacy and strive to ensure that HR processes are not only correct in terms of legislation, but also convenient for you and your employees.
We offer
HR administration audit
Restoration of HR records for previous periods
Consulting on various matters of labor law
Integrated HR record keeping
Setting up HR administration
Adaptation of HR administration to changing legal requirements
Acsour advantages
  • Integrated outsourcing


  • Qualified specialists and accumulated expertise

  • Insured professional risks
  • Integration with any corporate software
  • Access to data and documents 24/7
  • Personal manager to solve any issues
  • ISO 27001:2013 certification
  • ACCA Approved Employer

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