At Acsour, you will be offered a challenging but interesting job, everything you need for professional growth and development, as well as a creative, talented, well-coordinated team.

We value our employees, their goals, aspirations and professionalism.
А career with Acsour
Work according to the Labor Code of the Russain Federation, social guarantees
competitive salary
VHI, travel insurance
and other bonuses
working conditions
Possibility of a hybrid format of work
Internal and external
employee training
Our values
  • The company’s reputation
    Reputation is everything. It is essential for survival. If our clients trust us, candidates will trust us too, and vice versa.
  • Management and organization
    The company’s leadership and management model allows personnel to be influenced in order for a result to be achieved. The Company’s management has vision and is able to motivate the team. It is also sensitive to changes in the community.
  • Training and development
    You cannot have employees who know everything from day one. It is all about training.
  • Job satisfaction
    This means opportunities for self-fulfillment and job satisfaction, which working at our company brings to our employees.
  • Working conditions
    A comfortable environment gives a range of advantages. It increases performance and provides inspiration for learning and success.
  • Team and people
    The people you work with are the people with whom you spend most of your time. Therefore, healthy relationships are vital.
If you have any questions about working opportunities at Acsour, write to us and we will contact you:

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