Launch of the Telegram Bot service

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Acsour announces the launch of a new service - "Telegram bot", with which you can obtain a number of personal information without involving employees from accounting and HR services.

What is a Telegram bot?

Telegram bot is a virtual assistant, thanks to which an employee can receive a number of personal information at their request without involving payroll specialists and employees from the HR administration department.

This means that the request can be sent to the bot at any time, and the response to it will be received quickly and automatically.

What information does the bot provide?

Currently, the Telegram bot is able to perform the following tasks:

  • send information about the employee's income received in the form of an electronic pay slip for the reporting month, as well as for past periods;
  • provide personal information of the employee, namely:

  1. passport data (series, number, date and place of issue of the document, unit code);
  2. Tax payer ID number of an individual (INN);
  3. personal insurance policy number (SNILS);

  • send information about the vacation balance, namely:

  1. data on the number of days of unused basic leave for the working year
  2. information about unused additional leave for the working year.

How does a Telegram bot work?

The work of the Telegram bot is based on three main principles:

  1. Setting up the integration of the bot with the data storage system (configured employee requests are integrated with the 1C "Salary and HR Management" system (hereinafter referred to as 1C), from where the employee receives the requested information).
  2. Employee authorization in the bot (registration is carried out by the mobile phone number specified in the employee card in the 1C database).
  3. Receiving data at the request of an employee. Thanks to the built-in requests, the employee receives information at any time convenient for them.

To use a Telegram bot, an employee will need to install the appropriate messenger, log in and download the bot. It is important for the company to have a 1C database with information about such an employee in a personal card, namely, their mobile phone number.

Why Telegram Bot is effective?

Using a bot has a number of advantages, thanks to which:

  • the cost of servicing your company is reduced by reducing the time of communication with Acsour specialists;
  • staff loyalty increases owing to prompt communication and data availability.
  • data security is ensured. The employee has access only to their personal data, which is stored in secure Acsour systems without the need to upload them to third-party resources;
  • the availability of the service is guaranteed. The bot works in real mode, thanks to which the response to the request can be received at any time convenient for the employee. Also, it will not be required to install third-party applications, since the bot is available in the popular Telegram messenger;
  • data integration with 1C is carried out without the need to perform third-party actions;
  • it is planned to develop the work of the bot and expand its functions in the future.

If you have any questions about the new virtual assistant service, please contact Acsour experts. Our specialists will advise you in detail on the service and adapt the work of the bot to your individual request.