New procedure for income tax accounting in the framework of a single tax payment

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Amendments to the Tax Code of the Russian Federation have been adopted, changing the procedure for the administration of the unified tax account (UTA) – now income tax is credited to regional budgets as a matter of priority.

The main source (about 85%) of tax income of consolidated regional budgets in most regions is income tax. The introduction of the UTA led to the use of income tax amounts to repay arrears on other taxes, which negatively affected the ability of regional budgets to finance current budget expenses. To correct this situation, the current amendments to the Tax Code were adopted.

Starting from May 29, 2023, funds from the unified tax account will be written off in the following sequence (clause 8 of article 45 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation):

  • arrears on income tax, starting from the earliest moment of its occurrence;
  • income tax - from the moment of the obligation to transfer it by a tax agent;
  • arrears on other taxes, fees, insurance premiums, starting from the earliest moment of its occurrence;
  • other taxes, advance payments, fees, insurance premiums - from the moment of the obligation to pay and transfer them;
  • penalty interests;
  • interests;
  • fines.

In case of a UTA positive balance, the tax service will automatically count income tax for payment not later than the day following the day of receipt of the notification from the taxpayer.

Therefore, the new amendments should ensure the completeness and timeliness of income tax receipts to regional budgets.

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