A new service for regulating labour disputes between an employee and an employer

Legal Digest News
The Federal Labour and Employment Agency has announced the launch of a new service for resolving disagreements between an employee and an employer.

With the help of the service, an employee whose labour rights have been violated can send an appeal to the employer in order to solve the problem in advance. The term of consideration of the complaint is 10 working days. If the problem is not solved after the specified period, then the appeal can be forwarded to the labour inspectorate.

To send an appeal through the service, an employee will need to fill out an electronic form on the Onlineinspection.rf website, specifying taxpayer ID number and employer's e-mail address. The employer will receive a notification of the receipt of a complaint from an employee and will form a response through their personal account on the same site.

Please note that the service is working in a test mode, but already now the parties to the employment relationship have the opportunity to settle the dispute within the shortest possible time without involving supervisory authorities.

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