Employee Assistance Programs and Corporate Well-Being: Market Trends and Forecasts

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The market of employee assistance programs (EAPs) continued to grow in 2023 and will likely keep gaining momentum, as companies are trying to get ahead of the competition in the fight for talent and are increasingly resorting to creative and innovative ways of attracting the job seekers' interest. Find out more from our partner PRAVOCARD.

Comprehensive care programs are a new product for the Russian market. As part of a company’s assistance program, employees can take advantage of a wide range of services to make their daily lives easier — at their employer’s expense. For example, they can consult a lawyer, work through personal problems with a psychologist, get advice on family budgeting from experienced financial experts, and so on.

The demand for EAPs is on the rise, say the experts at PRAVOCARD, and they point to a number of trends that have emerged over the past year.

Firstly, the Russian market for corporate support programs is developing rapidly. The range of services offered is expanding, and new services and formats are emerging. Secondly, employees that have access to EAPs are using them increasingly often, which means that those who have already had a chance to try an EAP for themselves have certainly liked it.

Demand for mental health care and household services is growing fastest — PRAVOCARD believes that the focus of EAPs will increasingly shift in this direction.

The sphere is continuing to digitalize. Most services within the framework of corporate care programs in the Russian market are now provided online, which is convenient for both specialist consultants and employees.

The range of services available to employees through EAPs is growing, as is the number of formats in which they can be delivered. Employee assistance programs providers are constantly monitoring market preferences and flexibly adjusting their products to meet them.

According to PRAVOCARD experts' forecast, this year will see the emergence of corporate support programs that include not only the employee but also their family members, giving them access to a wide range of professional and household services, either free of charge or at a hefty discount.

In terms of global trends in the EAPs industry, the most notable one is that program providers are investing more in branding and building effective marketing communications. More of them are beginning to sponsor social and environmental projects, produce content for TikTok and YouTube, develop their own media and actively promote their services through influencers and opinion leaders.

By 2024, PRAVOCARD believes, the prevailing perception of what should be included in a 'decent benefits package' will have changed substantially: more employers will be offering corporate support programs to differentiate themselves and attract talent, and more professionals will see such programs as a significant advantage when considering potential employers. This is part of a general trend towards the increasing importance of intangible motivation factors in the labor market.

One of the leading Russian providers of EAPs is PRAVOCARD. PRAVOCARD programs are used by tens of thousands of employees of the country’s largest companies. As part of these programs, PRAVOCARD offers expert legal, tax and psychological advice, as well as on-site services such as car and household assistance. All of this helps client companies' employees spend less time on personal day-to-day tasks and stay productive.

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