Acsour polled an annual Clients Satisfaction Survey

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Acsour polled an annual Clients Satisfaction Survey, which consists of several blocks of questions on both interaction with the company in general and the provision of specific services, the quality of newsletters and the willingness of customers to recommend the company as a provider of services.

The survey revealed an increase in the level of customer satisfaction with the service. It became possible because of integrated approach to interaction with clients and professionalism of the team. Clients noted and highly appreciated the prompt response to emerging problems and questions, meeting deadlines in completing tasks, the simplicity and transparency of the data exchange process, the convenience of the proposed communication methods, as well as the high level of interest and competence of individual Acsour employees.

The survey also revealed growth points such as improving the ticket system for tracking requests, increasing the proactivity and initiative of employees in solving non-standard tasks.

Client’s feedback is an important tool that helps to identify weaknesses and strengths, to think about what changes can improve the quality of service. It is important for Acsour to maintain constant communication with customers, to hear their point of view in order to maintain a level of trust in the company and remain a customer-oriented and responsible business.

We thank the customers who took part in the survey. Our goal remains to become a reliable advisor on all major issues related to the management of financial and personnel processes.