Public holiday calendar for 2024 is approved

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According to the approved calendar, the following holiday periods are set for next year:

  • From January 1 to January 8;
  • From February 23 to February 25;
  • From March 8 to March 10;
  • May 1;
  • From May 9 to May 12;
  • June 12;
  • November 4.

Therefore, the New Year holidays will last 8 days, and December 31 (Sunday), 2023 will fall on a day off. The rest period in May will be 5 days: May 1 and from May 9 to May 12.

One day of rest falls on Wednesday, June 12 and Monday, November 4 on the occasion of the celebration of Russia Day and National Unity Day, respectively. Three days of rest fall on holidays dedicated to International Women's Day (from March 8 to March 10) and Defender of the Fatherland Day (from February 23 to February 25).

At the same time, the working days will be the following Saturdays, shortened by one hour:

  • April 27 (before the Labour Day celebration);
  • November 2 (on the eve of the celebration of National Unity Day);
  • December 28 (before the New Year celebration).

Acsour recommends to use the occupational calendar when planning your organization's activities for the next year.