Tax fines for companies

Legal Digest News
Since April 1, 2024, amendments to the Tax Code of the Russian Federation have entered into force, namely, new fines have been introduced in case of non-compliance with the requirements of tax legislation.

The new amendments have affected the following offenses:

  • Failure to submit a tax return, as well as the calculation of the amounts of income paid to foreign organizations, to the tax authority within the prescribed period for the past reporting period shall entail the collection of a fine: in the amount of 5% of the unpaid amount of tax payable for each full or incomplete month from the date set for its submission, but not more than 30% of the specified amount and not less than 1000 rubles.

This type of liability applies to companies that pay income tax as tax agents.

  • Submission of false information about the actual expenses incurred for the services rendered in order to obtain social deductions in a simplified manner, entails punishment in the form of a fine: in the amount of 20% of the tax deduction received in a simplified manner on the basis of false documents submitted by the accounting department of the organization.

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