The basis of a stable business: how to assess the competence of your accountant?

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Accounting is a basic business process. Mistakes in it are too expensive: fines, seizure of accounts, personal responsibility of the head. Does your accountant keep correct accounting records? Are there any gaps in his qualifications? Does the applicant you plan to hire have enough knowledge?
It is better to find out about this in advance, and not when the regulatory authorities identify errors and impose a fine.
Acsour’s own solution helps to objectively assess the qualifications of an applicant or test full-time employees.

We present a staff testing service in the Republic of Kazakhstan. As part of the service, Acsour experts will conduct a comprehensive assessment of professional knowledge

accounting staff:

  • accountant
  • senior accountant
  • chief Accountant
  • deputy Chief Accountant
  • head of the accounting group
  • payroll accountant
  • head of the payroll team

Testing includes checking the employee for all accounting blocks. Depending on the position, the assessment includes 4 sections and from 60 to 96 questions.

HR specialists:

  • senior specialists
  • managers
  • deputies

The assessment of the competencies of the applicant and the employee is carried out using 50 questions.

Accounting is a complex process, the quality of which depends on both the professional training of an employee and the skill of logical thinking.

Acsour understands from his own experience the complexity of the situation when hiring a competent accountant, because this position requires the skill of logical thinking.

We are pleased to make a special offer: when purchasing a staff testing service, we give free testing for the logic of employees and applicants.

The logic test is an indispensable stage in assessing the aptitude of an accountant, thanks to which the head can be confident in the fruitfulness of cooperation. The test consists of 5 tasks that will show the ability to reason and argue opinions, solve non-trivial cases.

Get a special offer for personnel testing in Kazakhstan.