Getting information from the electronic sick list: machine-readable power of attorney required

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The Social Fund of Russia reported that since May 1, 2024, authorized representatives of organizations lost the opportunity to receive information from electronic hospital lists under paper powers of attorney.

This means that organizations acting on behalf of another company on the basis of a power of attorney will be able to work with electronic hospitals only on the basis of a machine-readable power of attorney, and a paper power of attorney, from the specified date, is no longer applicable.

To work with other forms of documents of the Social Fund of Russia, including documents on proactive payments (for example, maternity benefits, child care, and so on), it will be possible to use paper powers of attorney only until July 1 of this year.

Please note that if an authorized representative of an organization uses an electronic digital signature of an employee, then he will also need to issue an electronic digital signature of an individual and a machine-readable power of attorney to work with an electronic disability certificate.

If the company does not have an authorized representative in the person of another legal entity, and it reports to the Social Fund of Russia with an employee certificate, then these changes do not apply to it — it can work as before, until August 31, 2024. Further, employee certificates will cease to be valid and you will need to obtain a certificate from an individual and a machine-readable power of attorney.

We remind you that from September 1, 2023, it became prohibited to issue employee certificates for companies. Now it is necessary to issue an electronic digital signature of an individual and a machine-readable power of attorney. At the same time, if the company has issued electronic digital signatures of an employee, then:

  • until August 31, 2024, employees can sign documents according to the old rules — using an employee’s electronic digital signature and issuing a paper notarized power of attorney
  • switch to a new procedure for signing documents.

For questions about the application of legislation in the field of digital signature and the organization of the process of signing electronic documents, please contact Acsour specialists. Our colleagues will help you with the registration of powers of attorney and will carry out these procedures without risk to your business.