Plan of inspections for 2024 on the website of the Prosecutor General’s Office

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The General Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation has formed a consolidated plan for inspections of legal entities for 2024. Check to see if your company is on the list.

You can find out whether your company is included in the inspection plan for 2024 in a special section on the website of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation. In order to find out whether a company is facing an audit, it needs to indicate its data in the search line of the unified register. If the organization is included in the inspection plan, the following information will be displayed in the form:

  • which supervisory authority will audit the company;
  • purpose and form of inspection;
  • duration of the inspection;
  • period of inspection.

If a search through the service does not produce results, then your company is not included in the inspection plan. Please note that currently the list of companies subject to inspection has not been compiled for the entire calendar year, but only for several months. It is expected that it will be supplemented and updated by the Prosecutor General’s Office. Also, there is no information about certain types of inspections (for example, tax, currency, customs).

We remind you that the Government of the Russian Federation has extended the moratorium on scheduled inspections of companies until January 1, 2030. According to the decision, companies with low, moderate, medium and significant risk categories are exempt from planned control activities until the specified period. The moratorium does not apply to companies:

  • with the category of extremely high and high risk;
  • with hazardous production facilities of hazard class II;
  • with hydraulic structures II class.

At the same time, the possibility of conducting preventive visits to inspected companies has been introduced. The company cannot refuse such visits. Visits are carried out on behalf of:

  • President of the Russian Federation;
  • Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation or his deputy.

The purpose of the visit is to assess compliance with mandatory requirements, during which an inspection may be carried out, documents may be requested, and a documentary examination or examination may be carried out. Duration of visit – 1 working day; in some cases - up to 4 working days. An order is issued to eliminate the identified violations based on the results of the visit.

For questions regarding preparation for scheduled inspections by regulatory authorities, please contact Acsour specialists.