The new amount of the limit base for insurance premiums starting from 2024

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The Government of the Russian Federation has determined a new maximum amount on the base of insurance premiums for 2024. The draft law should be approved not later than December 2023.

It is expected that starting from January 1, 2024, the following limit of insurance premiums will be established:
Type of insurance premiums Taxation base: salary since the beginning of the year
2023 2024
For pension insurance 1 917 000 rubles 2 225 000 rubles
For social insurance 1 917 000 rubles 2 225 000 rubles
For medical insurance not set

Please be reminded that in connection with the formation of a Single Social Fund (the result of uniting the work of the Pension Fund and the Social Insurance Fund), a single limit of insurance premiums has been established.

This figure is determined by indexing the maximum amount of the base for calculating insurance premiums for mandatory pension insurance, taking into account the growth of average salary in the Russian Federation.

Acsour recommends using these limits for the purposes of budgeting for 2024.