Creation of new and expansion of existing special economic zones

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The Government of the Russian Federation has issued a Decree on the creation of three new and expansion of two existing special economic zones on the territory of the Russian Federation.

According to the information from the Decree, the following three special economic zones were established on the territory of Russia:

  • Special economic zone "Sistema" (Saransk and the territory of the Lyambirsky municipal district in Mordovia).

It is expected that at least six companies specializing in the production of building materials, electrical equipment, electronic and optical products, chemical products, as well as mechanical engineering will become its residents.

The estimated volume of investments is more than 33.3 billion rubles.

  • Special economic zone "Rostovskaya" (Novocherkassk).

Residents of this Special economic zone intend to implement projects for the production of trailers and semi-trailers, industrial refrigeration equipment.

The estimated investment volume is more than 8.6 billion rubles.

  • Special economic zone "Emmauss" (Kalininsky and Konakovsky municipal districts of the Tver region).

Its resident enterprises will be engaged in the production of polyethylene pipes, sheet metal processing, and the creation of domestic cable cars. In addition, it is planned to establish the production of dry building mixes, launch the production of concrete and polymer structures for the transport industry.

The estimated investment volume is more than 17 billion rubles.

In addition, the existing Special economic zone in the Kaluga Region and the Special economic zone "Lipetsk" will be expanded by including new territories.

We remind you that special economic zones are being created for the development of the manufacturing industry, high-tech sectors of the economy, tourism and port infrastructure. Placement in a Special economic zone gives businesses a number of advantages. Thus, residents can enjoy tax benefits and customs preferences, as well as count on a reduction in rental payments.

Our expert are ready to advise you on doing business in these areas, and will also help you organize the accounting process in accordance with your request.