New risk indicator for PD processing

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The Ministry for Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation has expanded the list of risk indicators leading to violation of mandatory requirements in the field of personal data processing.

According to the amendments, companies may be assigned an unscheduled inspection in case of detection of three or more discrepancies between the personal data (PD) published on the company's website and the data in the notification of intentions to process personal data. These consequences are related to PD transferred abroad.

Please be reminded that PD operators are required to notify Roskomnadzor authorities of their intention to process PD that:

  • are processed in accordance with the employment legislation (personal data of employees);
  • belong to citizens or contractors with whom the company has concluded a contract for the provision of services, performance of works;
  • are required for a one-off admission of citizens to the company.

It is necessary to inform about any change in the information specified in the notification on the processing of PD:

  • purpose of processing;
  • list of actions with PD;
  • data processing methods;
  • categories of processed data;
  • information about those responsible for processing, etc.

In addition, companies are required to notify Roskomnadzor of their intention to carry out cross-border transfer of PD.

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