Audit of the company's website: overcoming legal risks and protecting business

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The website is a complex system that consists of many elements — design, content, forms of interaction with users and others. Generally, the owners of web resources pay close attention to filling the site with interesting and diverse content, but rarely think about the fact that the content and technical support may not comply with current legislation.

Legal audit of a website is a complex process that helps to determine the level of legal protection of a resource, identify violations in a timely manner and eliminate them. This will help to avoid problems with the authorities, protect against unforeseen financial expenses and protect the site from blocking in case of serious violations.

Acsour experts held a webinar where they told why and how to conduct a legal audit of the company's website, how to process personal data, analyze content for compliance with copyright, advertising legislation, antitrust legislation. They also collected recommendations to eliminate inconsistencies in order to avoid fines and protect the site from possible blocking.

Fill out the form using the link and get a webinar recording. You can also obtain a free legal express consultation from Acsour lawyers to check your website and comment by answering the questionnaire questions.