Outsourcing of business processes
Acsour is one of the leaders on the market of the outsourcing of business processes.
The company supplies the full range of bookkeeping, legal and HR management services to a number of Russian and international companies.

Our clients are represented in all branches of the economy. Acsour today has over 400 clients, including Fortune-500 listed companies. We have offices in Moscow, St Petersburg, Veliky Novgorod and Almaty. The company also work with clients in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Belarus.

* - based RAEX ranking results
Services for businesses
Enables the company
to focus on its core functions, reduce its dependency
on personnel and mitigate financial risks

One of the most labour-intensive processes:
a salary is assessed for every employee individually, taking into account all specific aspects of the company’s operations

A full range of services involving outsourced HR record management: HR administration, HR recordkepping, HRA audit

A full range of legal services using an innovative legal approaches
Advertising marking: law, responsibility and practice

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Our clients

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