Recruitment and secondment

If you are looking for talented and competent HR managers, accountants, lawyers or managers, Acsour’s recruiters will be happy to offer you help with this task.

We are able to meet our client’s demands for employees in a prompt and up to a standard manner thanks to:

  • continuous monitoring of the labor market;
  • the development and maintenance of our own database of experts in Moscow and St Petersburg in HR, finance and accounting;
  • membership of business associations;
  • cooperation with specialized universities; and
  • processing references.

What you get from doing business with Acsour

Assessment of professional expertise

We check without fail the professional expertise and skills of a candidate by using tests that are developed by our experts in bookkeeping, employment legislation and taxation.

Our methodologists or experts who can assess whether or not a candidate has the required skills hold additional interviews with the candidates for managerial positions that require experience in certain projects or industries.

High level service

Acsour has significant experience and expertise in selecting experts and managers in payroll accounting, bookkeeping and HR record management.

With an access to a wide circle of both young and experienced experts we are ready to promptly select for you candidates meeting your requirements, whether as:

  • an accountant;
  • a chief accountant;
  • an HR manager; or
  • a chief financial officer.

Acsour guarantees that only those candidates who most fully meet your requirements and have the required skills will be admitted to an interview with you. You will only have to choose the standout candidate.

If an employee does not pass his/her probation, we guarantee a free-of-charge replacement or your money back.

When selecting personnel for our own needs and for the needs of our clients, we have tested over 1,500 candidates for accounting positions. Our methodologists have developed unique tests that enable us, with minimal effort, to realistically assess the professional expertise of candidates by benchmarking their individual results against the data we have accumulated.

Our clients offer resort to Acsour for the assistance in the assessment of the professional expertise of candidates for the positions of:

  • an accountant;
  • a chief accountant;
  • a payroll accountant;
  • a tax adviser; or
  • an HR manager.

Candidates for managerial positions who require experience in certain projects and industries undertake additional tests:

  • a written test for knowledge of necessary areas of bookkeeping and tax accounting, or HR record management;
  • a logic test;
  • a test of English accounting terminology; and
  • an interview with an expert methodologist.

For assessment purposes, we use our own tests which have been developed by our experts in bookkeeping, employment legislation, and taxation.

What you get from doing business with Acsour

Exact assessment Tests by Acsour enable you to receive an unbiased assessment of candidates for a vacancy by comparing their experience, skills, their level of professional expertise, and their background.
Additional assessment of the level of English

It is important for foreign companies that a chief accountant or a financial expert can freely interact with the company’s headquarters.

The expert we recommend will always take a test to assess his or her level of English and sound knowledge of accounting terminology.

Relevant expertise

Our tests are updated several times a year, which guarantees that they remain in line with changing industrial standards.

This enables Acsour to select the best candidates for your vacant positions.

In accordance with Federal Law No.116 dated 5 May 2014, starting from 1 January 2016 only accredited employment agencies may carry out secondment operations. Acsour has been included in the register of private employment agencies. It fully complies with the legislation and is ready to second personnel in strict compliance with Law No.116.

Acsour provides temporary personnel for bookkeeping, HR and administrative positions if you have a temporary lack of a full-time employee (the employee may be on a sick leave, on vacation or may have resigned), or if the amount of work in a certain area has grown and the company’s own resources are not sufficient to handle it.

This solution also enables foreign companies that enter the Russian market to formalize employment relations with their employees and proceed with operations without waiting for the business entity’s registration to be completed.

We offer you flexible pricing depending on the qualifications of the specialist in question.

What you get from doing business with Acsour

Promptness Our own database of specialists who may be engaged in temporary and short-term projects enables Acsour to provide you with an employee a few days, or even just a single day, after your request.
Economy The engagement of temporary personnel makes it possible to cut administrative expenses, because a service provider will be responsible for HR issues and payroll accounting issues.

You may rest assured that your project will not be in jeopardy, because, if necessary, we guarantee the replacement of the seconded employee.

As an additional guarantee, you may fully delegate to us the management of temporary employees while the project is being implemented. We will also be responsible for their performance.

Before we start working with you, we will agree on the full range of recruitment and secondment services while we are setting up our services.

Please send a request for specific rates for your company.

Our clients’ success stories


Core business:

Real Estate

With offices in the Principality of Monaco, France, Italy and Russia, Agedi offers a bespoke all inclusive real estate service to international clients, investors, companies and private individuals, in the most prestigious residential and commercial markets.

Services we provide
  • Bookkeeping services
  • HR record management
  • Payroll accounting
  • Legal services
  • Migration services
Tasks accomplished
Perfect servicing.
Customer feedback
“We highly appreciate the integral approach, high responsibility and professional competency of Acsour specialists and their readiness to assist and support us in all areas where we have needs or require advice“. 

Maurizio Cimatti, CEO of Agedi Russia.

A. Espersen LLC

Core business:

Food industry

Espersen is a global leader in the processing of frozen fish and seafood products and the production of breaded fish fillets. In 2013, the Danish group opened its first production plant in Russia, in Velikiy Novgorod. The plant’s products are supplied to leading international fast food restaurant chains, including McDonald's.

The company has been a client of Acsour since 2013.

Services we provide
  • Bookkeeping and tax accounting
  • Payroll accounting
  • Preparing consolidated reports for the Headquarters
Tasks accomplished

As the project launched, we were instructed to build up all the processes taking into consideration the specific aspects of the operations of the production plant. Before they embarked on the work, Acsour’s specialists studied inside out the technologies and specific features of production at Espersen. This enabled us to factor all case scenarios into the accounting system and make allowance for the specific features associated with both the uniqueness of the industry and the expected growth of the plant. We have worked with Espersen for over 5 years, and during this period the company’s output has grown 10 times, all the changes occurring under normal conditions with no interruptions in accounting.

  • We have developed and automated a warehouse management system which allows accurate data to always be available regarding the inventory of goods and allows production processes to be streamlined.
  • Over the 5 years Espersen has operated in Russia, the company’s plant has successfully undergone numerous inspections and audits by governmental authorities of bookkeeping, accounting and HR document management.
Customer feedback

“We would like to thank Acsour for many years of cooperation. Acsour helped us to build up our accounting processes from scratch and was ready for the significant growth of our production. Acsour’s specialists are experts in their field and are always ready to come up with a solution for any issue. Among others, a very important indicator for us is that we have successfully passed all bookkeeping and tax audits without any serious remarks from the relevant authorities.”

Peter Bos, General Director of A. Espersen LLC

Management Company Tekhnologii Teplichnogo Rosta LLC (‘TTR’)

Core business:

TTR Group is one of the largest and most technologically advanced protected ground projects in Russia. It was founded in 2013 and has since been carrying out operations in several areas: 

The design and construction of greenhouse complexes

The sale and promotion of greenhouse products of various producers

Fund raising for and the management of greenhouse complexes

The company employs approximately 600 people. It has been a client of Acsour’s since 2016.

Services we provide

In 2016, when it assessed the efficiency of its involvement in the construction of the Donskaya Usadba complex in Rostov Region, the Company applied to Acsour for its services. Such services included a partial audit of the state of tax accounting at the target complex.

Tasks accomplished
  • Together with the client, we drew up a project plan and defined its scope
  • Acsour’s experts checked whether the company’s settlements in relation to taxes and levies were accurate, as a result of which the client mitigated its tax risks
  • The audit was carried out both in Acsour’s office in St Petersburg and onsite, at the complex itself, where source accounting documents were audited in terms of their availability and accuracy.
  • At the end of the project the client received a report on the work performed and we handed over ledgers which supported the audit results.
Customer feedback

“We would like to thank Acsour for working with us seamlessly. The high level of the services allowed the company’s specialists to audit tax accounting at the complex and assess the potential risks. The result of the work contributed to our taking a positive decision regarding our involvement in the construction project for the Donskaya Usadba complex”.

Olga Konyakhina, Chief Accountant Management Company Tekhnologii Teplichnogo Rosta LLC (‘TTR’)

Arla Foods LLC

Core business:

Food industry, wholesale trade

Arla Foods LLC - Russian representation of the biggest European dairy concern Arla Foods amba with the headquarters in Saint Petersburg and substantial office in Moscow.

Services we provide
Migration services
Tasks accomplished
Extension of the resident permit for a highly-qualified specialist.
Customer feedback
During the time of our cooperation, Acsour proved to be highly professional, able to solve complex tasks and meet the deadlines.
Lyasko Mikhail, CEO of Arla Foods LLC 

Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories LLC

Core business:

Network IC Development Company

Genesys is a global leader in developing cloud and local solutions for servicing clients. Genesys provides solutions that secure an omni-channel service and help to build long-term relationships with consumers. The company has over 10,000 corporate clients, including the largest global banks and insurance corporations, airlines and telecom companies, tour operators and financial institutions. Genesys has been one of Acsour’s clients since 2012.

Services we provide
  • Bookkeeping and tax accounting
  • HR record management
  • Legal services
Tasks accomplished

When we started working with the company, we were asked to systematize its internal processes based on specific aspects in the field of IT. As a result, we, together with Genesys management and financial department, managed to implement measures which contributed to the company’s successful development:

  • The company has been entered in the register of accredited IT companies, which enables it to apply statutory benefits: reduced rates of insurance contributions, the ability to employ highly qualified foreign specialists, and the right to be excluded from the established depreciation procedure.
  • Calculations have been performed and documents have been drafted to confirm the company’s eligibility to apply reduced rates of insurance contributions, which has resulted in considerable savings.
  • Internal by-laws regulating the main business processes have been drawn up. The documentation that has been developed makes it possible to mitigate financial, tax and administrative risks.
  • The process under which source data for 1C is obtained to prepare monthly accounts for the Headquarters has been automated. This has enabled the company to reduce labour costs for the process.
  • A data exchange portal has been deployed between Genesys and Acsour which ensures that data is safely stored, and documents are accessed on a continual basis.
Customer feedback

“Acsour is a team of experts that is able to provide support in tackling complex accounting issues. When we started to work together, the service provider helped us to set up all accounting processes properly and this resulted in systematized, simplified document flow. Thanks to the efforts of Acsour’s experts, the changes within our company in no way restrict us in our operations, yet these changes are implemented with minimal expenditure on coordinating the procedures. We came to the outsourcing firm for exactly what we have received: our expenses have been reduced, we made savings on time and effort, and we benefit from an integrated professional approach as well as access to the best global practices.”