How to choose a tax basics for a LLC company?
Publications \ 21.05.2018

Obligations for declaring income, paying taxes to the state and providing statutory reports depends on taxation system of your company. The Internal auditor of the company Acsour Valentina Alexandrova told the portal "Tochka" about the options and determined to whom it could be suitable.
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Tax benefits for IT companies
Publications \ 17.05.2018

The chapter 34 in the part II of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation (RF) constitutes the main legislative instrument governing the administration of social dues.

Pursuant to Article 427 of the Tax Code RF, the following rates of social dues shall apply to organizations engaged in the information technologies business, that is Russian organizations which are engaged in the development and implementation of computer software and databases on tangible media or in soft copies by communication channels regardless of the type of contracts and (or) provide services involving the development, adaptation and/or modification of computer software, databases (software tools and computer information products), and installation, testing, and support of computer software and databases:

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How to keep your top manager from quitting
Publications \ 16.05.2018

The quit of the top manager is always associated with huge risks for the company. The potential damage to business increases by several times in the case when the top goes to a competitor.
Diana Prishchepa, the Head of the HR&Admin department, told "Delovoy Peterburg" about ways to prevent the employee from quitting.
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