What is new in the state registration of legal entities: electronic documents
Legal Digest \ 21.06.2018

On 29 April 2018, amendments to the procedure of the state registration of legal entities came into effect. Hard copies have become outdated thing of the past.

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Soft skills: how they will help your career?
Publications \ 20.06.2018

The more interaction with people supposes job, the more important become soft skills. Why do you should pay attention not only to the improving your knowledge base?
To find the answer read the comment of Valentina Alexandrova, the Internal auditor at Acsour, on the portal
You could read the full text of the article in Russian by the link.

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Who works overtime?
Publications \ 15.06.2018

The vast majority of employees have got overtimes at work. Major product launches, urgent request from a client, pressing deadlines or preparing of an event, — there are a lot of reasons for staying late at work. 
Svetlana Fedorova, HR specialist at Acsour, has commented on the issue of working overtime for HR-tv portal.
You could read the full text of the article in Russian by link.

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