How to hire employees at unfamiliar area
Publications \ 06.12.2018

Selection specialist in any professional area presupposes some special knowledge. But what should HR workers do if a professional area is unfamiliar? HR specialist of Acsour, Victoria Dolgova, gave a comment to about training and selection process in our company. In addition, the article describes what must know HR-specialist, and that can remain outside of its knowledge.

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Grounds for refusal of organization`s registration
Publications \ 15.11.2018

In order not to receive registration as an individual entrepreneur or to register a legal entity, you should keep up with the rules. The senior lawyer of Acsour, Valeria Sergienko told «Delovoi mir» magazine about the most significant registration features.
Read the article in Russian here.

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Reasons why company`s bank account can be frozen
Publications \ 13.11.2018

Bank account is one of the most vital financial tools in cash flow management. Difficulties in the operation processing  or account freezing could cause a lot of problems. Our lawyer Alexandra Balikhina told «Delovoi mir» magazine about reasons for account freezing and ways to unlock your bank account.

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