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How to make a power of attorney from a legal entity in the IFTS
Publications \ 16.10.2018

How to prapare a power of attorney from the legal entities in the tax inspectorate? Who should give it? is it necessary to notarize power of attorney? What is the specifics of the power of attorney for IFTS?

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Suspicious declarations
Publications \ 19.09.2018

A lot of discussions in the business community were caused by the Letter of the Federal Tax Service published in July 2018 "On prevention of violations of Tax legislation". It contained indications whereby the reports submitted by companies can be declared invalid by the controllers.
Valentina Alexandrova, internal auditor at Acsour, examined the Letter of the Service and gave professional recommendations what an organization should take into account that its documents are not to arouse suspicion from auditors.

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"Transparent business" service: first impression
Publications \ 18.09.2018

Valentine Alexandrova, internal auditor at Acsour, shared with "Raschet" magazine readers her opinion about the long-awaited and long-announced "Transparent business" service of the Federal Tax Service for checking counterparties.

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