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Who works overtime?
Publications \ 15.06.2018

The vast majority of employees have got overtimes at work. Major product launches, urgent request from a client, pressing deadlines or preparing of an event, — there are a lot of reasons for staying late at work. 
Svetlana Fedorova, HR specialist at Acsour, has commented on the issue of working overtime for HR-tv portal.
You could read the full text of the article in Russian by link.

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Basic requirements for HR documentation in Russia
Publications \ 09.06.2018

Maintaining HR documentation in Russian Federation is one of the employer responsibilities regulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation. HR documentation in Russia is characterized by excessive paperwork and strict rules in terms of drafting and their retention period.

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Acsour will be the partner of the conference: “Best practices in the service sector. Stories of decision-making”
News \ 08.06.2018

How can one learn to make effective decisions when the world is in a constant state of flux? What will the service sector in Russia look like 10 years from now? Client support experts from Selectel, Mega.Dybenko and Mosigra will tell you how to make decisions that will help you to be winners in the future.

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