Checking whether documents are authentic when foreign nationals are hired
Legal Digest \ 21.01.2019
The Ministry of Labour and Social Security recommends that all companies hiring foreign nationals should check whether their documents are authentic.

If a foreign employee’s documents (e.g. work permit) turn out to be forged, the employer company will face administrative liability, specifically:

  • For legal entities – a fine of between RUB 250,000 and RUB 800,000, or suspension of its activities for 14 to 90 days;
  • For a company’s officers – a fine of between RUB 25,000 and RUB 50,000.

Bearing in mind the possible negative implications, companies are recommended to pay close attention to the procedure. It is possible to verify patents and work permits on the official website of the Main Directorate for Migration Issues of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. The information, however, is provided primarily for reference. To obtain information with the force of law, you should apply to the regional unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs by filing a written request.

Please contact Acsour’s legal department with questions on how migration legislation should be applied.