Granting subsidies to IT companies
Legal Digest \ 21.01.2019
The St Petersburg Labour and Employment Committee has approved the procedure for granting subsidies to entities engaged in innovations to hire specialists from other regions.

A subsidy is granted in order to compensate expenses on carrying out innovation activities. The Committee will cover expenses of up to RUB 1,000,000 (per employee) to pay for the relocation and salaries of IT specialists hired from other Russian regions. The prerequisite for obtaining grants is that the company must be registered in St Petersburg. To obtain monetary compensation, a company should:

  • Join a cluster named “The development of information technologies, radio electronics, instrumentation, telecommunications and information telecommunications of St Petersburg”;
  • Post information about vacancies on the official website of St Petersburg Employment Center;
  • Hire a non-resident specialist who meets the profile of a vacancy that was previously published;
  • File an application and the necessary set of documents with the Labour and Employment Committee.

Please contact Acsour’s specialists with questions on how to join the cluster and obtain the subsidies. Our experts will be pleased to offer you any support you require.