CEO’s speech
News \ 26.12.2018
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Ladies and gentlemen, colleagues and partners,

The selection of an outsourcing company is a matter of strategic importance for the development of a business. This is no trivial issue, because it concerns a long-term relationship. For precisely this reason, we target our services at allowing our clients to concentrate on the functions that are key for them, to make their operations efficient, and to overcome their competitors.

For the entire Acsour team, 2018 has proved to be an eventful year. The company is continuing to grow not only on account of our client base increasing, but also because we have launched in new areas of activity and expanded into other regions. But despite the aggressive pace of growth, we still focus on the main thing: providing high-quality services and building up long-term relationships with clients.

How was 2018 for us?


  • Once again, we feature at the top of the list of the strongest providers of outsourcing functions in Russia according to the RA ‘Expert’ ratings.
  • Our revenues in comparison with the previous year have grown by 17%. It’s true that our costs have also risen accordingly, but this is explained by investments in a program of ongoing improvements and in the development of the company’s staff. Thanks to this, Acsour has notably posted positive financial results.
  • We care about maintaining the level of loyalty from our clients, and pay great attention to creating an individual partnership relationship with every client. Thanks to these special relationships, the number of our clients is constantly increasing, and over the past year our client portfolio has increased by 14%.
  • Acsour has successfully started to provide services in Kazakhstan, where our representative office in Almaty has opened.
  • We are constantly developing and expanding our package of services. This year, a new service has been preparing the accounting of an international group of companies, while demand has been highest for an audit of HR record management.
  • Acsour has again confirmed its compliance with the ISO 27001:2013 standards, which guarantee clients the highest level of information protection. We were audited for this project by the international company AFNOR.
  • An integral part of our business is our ongoing work with personnel. We always share our expert knowledge, increase our own employees’ qualifications, and devote considerable time to conducting training. In 2018, the total amount of time we spent on educational events came to 2,068 man-hours.
  • During 2018, our specialists have prepared more than 6,000 mandatory reports for the tax authorities.

We plan to keep up our growth rate and expect 2019 to be just as packed and productive. At the start of 2018, we carried out satisfaction surveys among our clients and employees. The survey results showed that 92% of our clients are satisfied, while Gallup calculated that 83% of our employees strongly buy into Acsour. A considerable amount of work lies behind these figures, together with a strong commitment on the part of the entire company to its work, projects and clients. We will not rest on our laurels. As is written on our Operations Director’s wall: “We can do even better!”

Tatiana Modeeva,
CEO, Acsour LLC