The Federal Labour and Employment Service has allowed companies to extend the working day
Legal Digest \ 25.09.2018
The Federal Labour and Employment Service (abbreviated in Russian as ‘Rostrud’) has advised that an employer may independently set the length of a working day.
According to Rostrud, companies may independently set the length of every business day in a week. The principal condition is to make sure that the working week is no longer than 40 hours. Consequently, Friday can be officially made shorter by one hour, which is added to another day or spread between the remaining days, with each extended by 15 minutes.
This working schedule should be set out in a company’s internal regulations, e.g. Labour Regulations.
It should be taken into account that certain categories of employees cannot have their working day extended. This applies, for instance, to minors or employees working in harmful conditions.
We remind you that lunchtime cannot be reduced without a supplemental agreement to their employment agreements being concluded with employees. According to employment legislation, lunch should not be shorter than 30 minutes.
For any help with formalizing your internal regulations, please contact your manager at Acsour.