The moratorium on inspecting small- and medium-sized businesses has come to an end
Legal Digest \ 25.09.2018
Starting from 1 January 2019, regulatory and supervisory authorities will be able to check small- and medium-sized businesses since the 3-year period prohibiting scheduled inspections of such companies has ended.
Therefore, starting from 2019, small and medium-sized businesses may face inspections by the State Labour Inspectorate, the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Protection and Welfare (abbreviated in Russian as ‘Rospotrebnadzor’), the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Russian General Prosecutor’s Office and other authorities. Information regarding scheduled inspections can be found on the official websites of these agencies.
We remind you that companies meeting the criteria below are classified as small- and medium-sized businesses:
  • the membership interest in the statutory capital of legal entities that are not small- and medium-sized businesses is not more than 49%;
  • the aggregate membership interest of the state, regions or not-for-profit organizations is not more than 25%;
  • the average headcount is not more than 100 employees (for small businesses) or 250 employees (for medium-sized businesses); and
  • the annual turnover is not more than RUB 800 million (for small businesses) or RUB 2 billion (for medium-sized businesses).
To be ready for scheduled inspections of regulatory and supervisory authorities, please contact Acsour.