A former employee may not face financial liability without his explanations being obtained
Legal Digest \ 25.07.2018

The Russian Supreme Court held that procedure for imposing financial liability should also be complied with for employees who are no longer in post.

Example: an accountable officer resigned from the company. During inventory taking the employer discovered a shortage. The employer did not let the former employee familiarize himself with the audit results, nor did the employer ask for his explanations. Instead, the employer immediately applied to the court.

The courts of first and second instance sustained the claimant’s position and found that the employer was not obliged to familiarize the employee with the inventory results. The Supreme Court, however, held that an employer must comply with the procedure for imposing liability even if the employee has already left the job.

Consequently, the former employee should have been familiarized with the inventory results and offered an opportunity to give his explanations before financial liability was imposed on him.

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