Important changes to the migration registration process for foreign citizens in Russia
Legal Digest \ 10.07.2018
Starting 8 July 2018, the rules on migration registration for the majority foreign citizens have been changed.

The changes cover all foreign citizens staying in Russia including highly qualified specialists and their family members. The law affects not only foreign citizens arriving for the first time but also foreign citizens already staying in Russia and falling within the scope of the rules for migration registration.

The Law cancels the current registration procedure for foreign employees and their family members at the address of the inviting entity on whose behalf visas and work permits were issued. The only exception will be for foreign citizens who actually stay on the premises of the company’s registered address or in a building without address data owned by the company.

It will now be necessary to register foreign citizens at the place where they actually reside. That is, the obligation to have foreign citizens registered is with the landlords. From a practical perspective, this means that landlords shall be actively involved in the migration registration process.

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