What is new in the state registration of legal entities: electronic documents
Legal Digest \ 21.06.2018

On 29 April 2018, amendments to the procedure of the state registration of legal entities came into effect. Hard copies have become outdated thing of the past.

Now, when a legal entity is registered, the following documents need to be formalised in electronic form:

  • an extract of the entry made in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (abbreviated in Russian to EGRUL);

  • a certificate of registration with a tax authority;

  • the company’s charter or amendments to it, bearing a mark of a tax authority;

  • a resolution suspending the registration or denying it all together.

Following the registration procedure, electronic documents signed with an enhanced encrypted and certified digital signature will be received to the email addresses indicated in the EGRUL and in the application for registration.

Further, if a company sent its documents for registration through a multifunctional centre (abbreviated in Russian to MFTs) or a notary, such centre or notary will also forward the documents electronically.

To obtain hard copies of registration documents, a separate request (in any form the applicant may draw up) should be submitted to the tax authority.

For any questions regarding the state registration of legal entities, please contact Acsour.