Acsour has completed the project to transfer servers to a data center
News \ 21.05.2018

Acsour’s eight servers, containing data with an overall volume in excess of 40 TB, have been successfully transferred to the modern TIER 3 level data processing center. This center meets the requirements of international information security management standard ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

Since the very start of Acsour’s operations, all information regarding our clients and employees has been stored in a specialized data center. However, with the expansions in both our client base and company’s staff, we needed to search for a new platform which would ensure the required level of confidentiality, as well as the security of communications channels and power supply.

Information stored in the data center is safeguarded against theft, loss or unauthorized modification.

In the opinion of Anton Fedorov, head of our IT department, “the opportunities the data processing center offers will allow us to maintain the integrity of information at the highest level, which will be instrumental in ensuring that Acsour’s services remain of the highest quality”.