Eco-boxes installer in the Acsour office
News \ 16.04.2018
One of the most important steps to establish “Eco-office” is the installation of special recycling bins to collect waste paper in the office.
We are all aware that today offices spend a lot of paper every day: we use A-4 size paper and presentation materials, put remarks, reminders and messages for colleagues on paper mini-stickers. Acsour employees tend to believe that the decision to transfer paper for recycling not only help to clear the garbage of the office, but also allows us to make a contribution in reducing global pollution and saving natural resources.
We thank Rus Recycling Company LLC for cooperation and assistance in maintaining the environmental responsibility of our company.
Moreover, transferring paper for recycling allows us to guarantee the confidentiality of Clients’ data and information security, as recycling documents meets all the international standards and requirements of ISO: 27001.
Acsour calls on our Clients and Partners to treat the environment with due care . We are always glad to share our experience in implementing the recycling system for office’s usage. Please feel free to e-mail us on for more details!