Acsour posts a client satisfaction rating of 92%
News \ 02.04.2018
Acsour has established internal process controls, our team is constantly improving the level of our service and we are devising algorithms for detecting and eliminating defects, increasing security and developing new areas of services. We are continually immersing ourselves in these processes, meaning that we never stand still.
However, still we do not rest on our laurels. Everything we do is for our clients’ benefit. And without evaluations from our clients, it is impossible to see how effective our efforts have proved to be. To this end, we conduct monthly client satisfaction surveys among Acsour’s clients.
Every year we ask our clients to evaluate the overall service level and let us know their opinions on specific services. Based on the results of the survey we are pleased to say that we have managed to maintain our figures for the previous year; indeed, we have even raised the level of satisfaction. The 2017 results demonstrate that 92% of our clients are satisfied with our performance. Of most value from what we received from the survey were the comments and requests of our clients. We will consider these with care and take note of each of each comment and request in our work going forward.
What is more, Acsour’s team has decided to conduct such surveys more frequently, so that our clients are able to provide more prompt feedback on one-time services. This will allow us to adjust our work immediately.