Zero VAT rate: Peculiarities of implementation
Publications \ 10.02.2017

In order to correctly apply zero VAT rate a company should stay up-to-date with all recent legislative changes, legal precedents and be aware of some peculiarities.

Victoria Skvortsova, Senior accountant of Acsour, shared her experience with a large professional online journal «» («») and outlined a few guidelines on correct application of zero VAT rate.

In the article Victoria is primarily concerned with application of zero VAT rate in cases of export of goods and international transportation: «From 1 July 2016 procedures on export confirmation have been changed in terms of absence of obligations for clawback of VAT. Exporters have now an opportunity to obtain a VAT offset on an expedited basis. However, no changes have been applied towards the timeframe and procedures of export confirmation. Regarding business records of goods, performed services and proprietary rights, entered in the books before 1 July 2016, all procedures have remained the same».

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