Should every employer give credit to his employees?
Publications \ 22.02.2017

How often is it necessary to praise employees? What incentives work best of all? Is is the right thing to punish subordinates?

In order to clarify the differences between Russian and western models of human resources management the business magazine “Delovoy Peterburg” (“The Business Petersburg”) interviewed a number of Russian top managers and found out what they really think about praising and punishing their employees.

Tatyana Modeeva, the CEO of Acsour, underlined a few peculiarities in HR management: “Very often a manager hardly accepts the idea of giving credit to his employees for what he is actually supposed to do. To begin with, he is getting paid for this. Nevertheless, my managerial experience has taught me that incentives are truly useful even when a subordinate has not achieved anything outstanding”.

Besides, Tatyana pays attention to the fact that “nowadays employees are well aware of all recent trends in HR management and that is why they don’t consider the absence of positive feedback as normal”.

Link to the full text of the article in “Delovoy Peterburg”