Electronic sick slips – panacea or waste of resources?
Publications \ 16.03.2017

The Russian State Duma is planning to adopt the system of electronic sick slips by July, 1st, 2017. The system is expected to replace all paper-based work incapacity certificates and significantly optimize the process.

What consequences will Russian employers have to deal with? How to handle the electronic slips correctly without violating current legislation? The “Klub Kadrovikov” (“The Club of HR Professionals”), a professional journal on HR administration, shared results of a thorough analysis on advantages and drawbacks of a new system.

Valentina Alexandrova, Internal auditor of Acsour, emphasizes the complexity of implementation: “The main challenge of the project is the lack of proper technical infrastructure in Russian healthcare institutions. In order to see positive outcomes of this initiative heavy investments in equipment, software products and training programs are required. Besides, the role of the human factor should not be underestimated. For example, not all medical professionals of senior age have enough skills to deal with modern technology. They are very likely to face difficulties in adopting a new system which will finally result in usage errors”.

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