“Social due deregulation. Topical questions” – SPIBA Financial Committee regular session.
News \ 17.02.2012

On the 9’th of February 2012 SPIBA Financial Committee regular session took place. It was hold in cooperation with SPIBA Work Forces Committee and was in on 2012 Social due deregulations.

Dmitriy Karev, the Operation Director of Acsour and Andrey Serov, Chief tax practice of Baker&McKenzie were the main speakers. Dmitriy told about the updates of the insurance payment rates, non-residents inclusive. Likewise by way of presentation Dmitriy narrated the way the necessary assessment of workplaces may affect the FCC social payment rates. Andrey Serov shared intelligence according the payer category who can use social due preference. Zacharova Tatyana, Chief Insurance Administration of FCC SPB was invited as a special guest. She answered all the participants’ questions and commented the information being presented by the speakers. More than 50 representatives of different Russian companies had left their positive comments according both speakers’ performance and scope of the event in general.