Vedomosti newspaper conference “Finance Directors Club”
News \ 25.04.2013

On the 25’th of April “Finance Directors Club” conference was hold, which took place in Radisson Sonya Hotel and was organized by Vedomosti Saint-Petersburg newspaper. “Finance Directors Club” conference holds twice a year in Saint-Petersburg and makes a unique platform for discussion of different pressing and vital issues, connected with Financial Directors’ activity. Acsour acted as an informational partner of the event.

The first conference session was devoted to the macroeconomic influence on the markets of the capital and a role of regulators. Alexey Devyatov, Chief economist of Uralsib Capital told about the macroeconomic situation in 2013 and the consequences for the financial markets. Also Alexey Teplouchov, financial markets operations management Director of Bank Saint-Petersburg acted with a topic "Markets of the Capital and Attraction of Financing". As a moderator of the first session Tatiana Modeeva, chief of Acsour, was invited.

The second session of the conference was devoted to the instruments of the participation and debt financing. Within the second session were discussed such questions as:

∙ Assessment of profitability of investments and mechanisms of attraction of financing
∙ Influence of structure of financing on profitability and risk
∙ Project financing for various sectors of business
∙ Requirements to projects at attraction of financing