Acsour took part at the round table meeting on the topic “Discussion of the distance work practice”
News \ 08.11.2013

Acsour took part at the round table meeting on the topic “Discussion of the distance work practice”. The meeting was hosted by the SPIBA HR and Finance Committees on November, 8, 2013.

The main purpose of the meeting was identifying problematic issues of the application disclosure and regulation of distance work, providing advices on legal issues of distance work, as well as solving these issues with practical application of knowledge in matters relating to distance employees. One of the participants of the meeting was Karandashova S., Deputy Head of of Legal Affairs, the State Inspection for Labour and Employment in the Leningrad region.

Irina Shenberg, HR specialist, Acsour, did a presentation on the topic “Practical aspects of labor regulation of distance workers”.  Mikhail Danilovsky, Commercial director, Taxcom made a speech on the topic "The exchange of electronic documents", Elizaveta Blaschuk, Associate Baker & McKenzie presented her submitted her observations on distance work with the presentation “Distance work: issues to consider”.

Discussion of the issues related to the practice of distance work, aroused a great interest among the audience: many round table participants took part in the discussion. The theme of the meeting attracted practical interest, since the issue of solving the problems of distance work is still open.

Due to the professionalism of the round table meeting participants there were found the answers to some of the complex issues which, in particular, face leaders of organizations and HR managers with.

During the meeting there were found some recommendations, which will certainly be useful for all the participants who have direct relevance to the field of HR and labor use remote workers and distance work practice.