A new form of a document to replace the individual insurance account number known in Russian as SNILS
Legal Digest \ 23.10.2019

The Russian Pension Fund (the “Pension Fund”) has published a new form of document to replace a SNILS card when people are hired.

Starting from 29 September 2019, information regarding registration within the system of individual (personalised) record-keeping must be confirmed by a new electronic document, a notification. The form of, and the filing procedure for, such a document has been approved by the Pension Fund’s Resolution No. 335p dated 13 June 2019. The notification must contain the same information as was previously indicated in the SNILS:

- insurance number;

- the employee’s full name;

- date and place of birth;

- gender;

- registration date in the system of individual (personalised) record-keeping.

It is possible to obtain the notification via the following:

- an individual’s personal account on the website of the Pension Fund;

- the public services portal;

- a territorial body of the Pension Fund or a Multifunctional Center for State and Municipal Services.

Please be reminded that because of the SNILS transitioning to electronic from starting from 1 April this year, a candidate may present to an employer the following documents during the hiring process:

- a SNILS card issued before 1 April 2019;

- a document confirming registration within the system of individual record-keeping (which is now the notification).

If an employer hires an employee without a registered personalised personal account, it should submit to the Pension Fund the information required to register such employee within the system.

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