The development prospects of the IT market
Legal Digest \ 19.09.2019

We are delighted to invite you to a free event: “The development prospects of the information technology market” to be held by Ascour together with our partners IT-Dominanta. You will meet with colleagues in an informal setting. We will address the issue of state support for IT companies and present the results of an analytical overview of the market of salaries and wages.

 Clearly, the Russian IT market will face significant changes in the coming years. Under such circumstances, each market player must pay attention as never before to market trends and to amendments in legislation. At present, a number of tax benefits are offered within the scope of state support for developing the IT business in Russia, such as reduced insurance contributions, certain VAT exemptions, reduced profit tax and many others. These benefits are available to those who are well versed in the legislation. However, to obtain the benefits, a number of important conditions must be met. At the forthcoming meeting, Valentina Alexandrova, Head of the Audit & Strategic Projects Department at Acsour, will explain what needs to be done to obtain one of the benefits listed:

  • Subsidies in support of the relocation of specialists
  • Regional benefits
  • Opportunities to obtain a VAT refund
  • Benefits in relation to insurance contributions
  • Opportunities to reduce profit tax.

Such instruments not only contribute to the development of business and savings on the budget, but also often extend to a company’s HR policy. Assistance from the state, such as subsidies in support of the relocation of specialists, may become yet another argument for you in favour of searching for highly qualified specialists across Russia.

The second part of the event will be dedicated to an Analytical overview of the market of salaries and wages. During the session, Dmitry Laabe, the General Director of IT-Dominanta, will teach you how to spot the trends and analyze such trends in the wage market, as well as dwelling on how to use wage overviews for the purpose of recruitment, retention or optimizing the payroll budget. This knowledge will help to make your company more competitive and attractive when you deal with candidates. Dmitry will explain what interesting discoveries have been made over the year in business after the relaunch of the “Overview of salaries and benefits in IT sphere”.

We are certain that you will have plenty to discuss. Register while seats remain available.

Date: 8 October, at 7pm

Venue: SemRush

To register, please follow the link: