The public holiday calendar for 2020 has been approved
Legal Digest \ 19.08.2019

The Russian Government has approved the occupational calendar for 2020.

According to the approved calendar for next year, the following holiday periods have been established:

·         From 1 until 8 January;

·         From 22 until 24 February;

·         From 7 until 9 March;

·         From 1 until 5 May;

·         From 9 until 11 May;

·         From 12 until 14 June, and

·         4 November.

Consequently, the New Year holidays in Russia will last for 8 days, with Monday, 31 December 2019 being a business day that is shortened by one hour. The May holidays will also last for 8 days: from 1 until 5 May and from 9 until 11 May.

Three days off have been approved for celebrating International Women’s Day (from 7 until 9 March), Defender of the Fatherland Day (from 22 until 24 February) and Russia Day (from 12 until 14 June). The Day of National Unity (4 November) will be the only day which falls in the middle of the week.

Acsour recommends that you make use of the occupational calendar when you plan your company’s operations for the next year.