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Legal Digest \ 22.05.2019


We have prepared several useful webinars for you. Olga Nikulina, our Head of HR Administration, will deliver the first of them, which will be devoted to the following topic: “HRA audit as a tool to reduce the risk of HR compliance fines”.

Although the improper formalization of HR documents entails big fines, companies often remember about HR documentation right before an audit by the State Labour Inspectorate. During the free webinar prepared by Acsour, you will learn how a company can avoid significant losses and put its HR records in order by conducting an HRA audit. The webinar will take place on 23 May at 11am. To register, please click here.

On 29 May at 11am, Valentina Alexandrova, our Head of Audit and Strategic Projects, will host the second event, which is dedicated to tax incentives for IT companies. She will relate that Russia has a number of tax incentives for IT companies: reduced insurance contributions, some relaxation in VAT payments, and reduced profit tax among others, all of which are available to those who have got to grips with the legislation. However, it is possible to obtain these privileges only provided that a number of important conditions are met. Register for our webinar by clicking here and you will learn what incentives are available to your company and, most importantly, how to obtain them.