Customer Satisfaction Survey for 2019
Legal Digest \ 16.04.2019
Every year Acsour conducts a detailed customer satisfaction survey in which it assesses such indicators as the quality of services supplied, the level of loyalty of our customers and their willingness to recommend our firm to others, as well as the level of client service. Such a detailed survey helps us to obtain comprehensive information about the level and quality of services we supply and to determine our way forward in our development.

It is worth mentioning that from one year to the next we maintain the highest quality levels, with over 90% of our customers being satisfied with Acsour’s services. Such results can be attained only owing to the unstinting and meticulous teamwork of our specialists. Following the general assessment of our services, we have obtained the following results:

• the general level and quality of client service grew by 3%;
• the time of response to requests and telephone calls also increased by 88%;
• the level of our customers’ emotional comfort is 94%;
• the customer loyalty metric has also improved.

The level of client care has always been an integral part of any service we supply. As the saying goes, every detail counts: whether it is response time or compliance with the deadlines and conditions of services we negotiated, or the level of comfortable communication with your assigned manager, or even the location of an office.

We are proud to relate that our performance in each area has again improved this year. Even if it is 1% or 2% it is important that there is progress compared with the previous year. This means that we are on the right track, making our clients’ life simpler and better.