Employers will have to vaccinate against measles
Legal Digest \ 16.04.2019
Employers (companies and individual entrepreneurs) have to vaccinate their foreign employees against measles by 31 December 2019.

According to Resolution No.2 of the Russian Chief State Sanitary Doctor dated 6 March 2019, vaccination should be ensured with respect to those expatriates who:

  • have never had measles before;
  • have no vaccination against measles, or information about such vaccination.
To comply with the Resolution, the company may arrange for vaccination at the workplace by concluding a contract with a medical institution. If the employer fails to comply with such requirements, it may have administrative liability for imposed violating legislation in the area of the population’s sanitary and epidemiological welfare, namely:

  • for legal entities – a fine of RUB 10,000 to RUB 20,000, or an administrative suspension of business for up to 90 days;
  • for officers of legal entities – a fine of RUB 500 to RUB 1,000;
  • for individual entrepreneurs – a fine of RUB 500 to RUB 1,000, or an administrative suspension of business for up to 90 days.
If a foreign employee refuses vaccination, the company still has to take measures to comply with the legislation. This is the only chance for the company to avoid liability. The following steps should be undertaken in this situation – the company should:

  • officially demand that its foreign employees undergo vaccination (e.g. issue a Vaccination Order and send written notification to its foreign employees).
  • obtain a vaccination refusal in writing from its employees.
  • suspend foreign employees who have not undergone vaccination. The company may not impose disciplinary liability on such an employee. The employee will be suspended until he/she undergoes vaccination. The employee will, however, lose his/her salary.
Please contact Acsour’s specialists with respect to how Russian legislation should be applied with respect to foreign employees.