Repeal of SNILS: what an employer should know
Legal Digest \ 16.04.2019
Starting from 1 April 2019, regional branches of the Russian Pension Fund stopped issuing an insurance number for individual ledger accounts (abbreviated in Russian as SNILS). Information concerning the individual ledger account will be reflected in an electronic document from now on.

Such an electronic document confirms a citizen’s registration within an individual (personalized) record-keeping system. It should be compiled in a citizen’s personal account on the website of the Russian Pension Fund. During employment, employers can retrieve information about the registration number in the personalized record-keeping system from the document the employee submits either as a hard copy or electronically.

If it hires an employee without a personalized account being opened, the employer should submit to the Pension Fund the information required to register the employee within the system. SNILS cards that were previously issued remain in effect, on the same basis as the new document. No such old SNILS should be replaced.

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