Is it possible to make HR record management in Russia automated?
News \ 04.03.2019
On 28 February, a delegation from Acsour participated in the St. Petersburg International Labour Forum (the ‘SPILF’) held in the Expoforum convention and exhibition centre. This was the third occasion on which an extensive and engaging business programme has been developed, featuring expert views shared by delegates from the Russian Government, the Russian State Duma and various Russian ministries, the Federal Service for Labour and Employment, international organizations, research institutions, and leading companies and corporations. We are delighted that Acsour has been accorded the honour of speaking on the same platform as such high-level specialists.

SPILF is the largest platform for discussion of issues related to developing human capital and formulating the integrated Strategy for the development of human capital of the Russian Federation, which is based on frontline research and global best practices. The main objective of the event is to create an opportunity to exchange international experience and expertise regarding the most topical and acute labour issues. The Forum long ago moved outside the boundaries of a highly specialized event: now it not only covers the above issues, but also helps to find technological solutions to them, to present initiatives to government authorities and even promote certain professions among young people.

The modern market offers quite a variety of solutions to make HR functions automated: selection, search, development and training of employees, HR record management, the development of a corporate culture and much more. Regulatory authorities are also switching to using new technological solutions and are applying a risk-oriented approach to planning their activities. Nevertheless, our market is lagging far behind the level of automation attained in the West.

To cast light on these issues and find out what exactly slows down the process, Acsour put forward an initiative to highlight issues concerning the automation of HR record management at a round table: “Regulatory activity in the area of labour in a new environment: paperless technologies and online platforms”. At the event organized by the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham), Valentina Alexandrova, Head of the Audit & Strategic Projects Department, spoke about the barriers companies are facing in connection with this issue and highlighted the main market trends facilitating the automation of HR functions. The picture was completed by of our colleagues from Baker McKenzie, Digital Design, RTLabs, Deloitte, EY and others who presented real cases from their court practice.

Please find here a short video dedicated to the event.