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Our advantages

As an outsourcing company, Acsour ofers bookkeeping, HR record management, payroll accountng and legal support services.

Properly arranged accountng and keeping track of regulatory documents is a prerequisite for doing business successfully and efciently.

An error in mandatory financial statements and non-compliance with the requirements of regulatory documents may trigger a number of financial and legal issues with supervisory authorites.

A soluton in such a situaton will be to delegate these functons to an outsourcer or to have audits conducted by a company whose main line of business is built on performing bookkeeping, tax accountng and legal work to the extent provided forby federal laws.

The outsourcing company Acsour ofers the full range of bookkeeping, legal, HR and accountng services. Our team has specialists with real practcal experience in the areas of bookkeeping and the law, which guarantees the impeccable quality of the result.

The opton of having support provided to business, along with the opportunity to tap into the knowledge and skills of a whole team of highly qualified specialists, will allow you to free up resources to develop your company and give you theopportunity to benefit from highly qualified support in any situaton.

Why is outsourcing cost-efectve?

  • With outsourcing services you will not have to set up a department with many specialists in it. Therefore, you will not have to constantly supervise the employees and cut resources to pay their salaries.
  • When you employ a new person it is impossible to determine his/her qualificatons at once. Additonal training may also be required. By turning to us you can be confident that bookkeeping and legal services will be provided by specialists with high qualificatons and with extensive experience.
  • Our priorites are commitment and security. We have been awarded the internatonal compliance certficate ISO 27001 (Informaton Security Management). We ensure full-fedged security in the storage, processing and transfer of data. We strictly abide by our contracts and fulfil our obligatons.
  • The outsourcing services are supplied by external specialists of Acsour and we cannot in any way be infuenced or pressurized. We provide complete and accurate reports.
  • Our services are always unbiased and aimed at mitgatng any mistakes. We are proud of our financial accountability and impeccable reputaton, which means that no minor detail will be overlooked.
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