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Legal entities are more often checked in terms of whether they a ‘large-scale’ registration address

Legal entities are more often checked in terms of whether they a ‘large-scale’ registration address

LEGAL DIGEST \ 17.01.2018

Russian legislation bans the state registration of legal entities at what are known as ‘large-scale registration addresses’. The Federal Tax Service monitors compliance with this requirement.

In the opinion of the Federal Tax Service, the criterion for a ‘large-scale’ registration address means that five or more legal entities are located at the address. Such addresses fall to be inspected by a registration authority as to the reliability of the addresses.

According to the Russian Supreme Commercial Court, the unreliability of information is attested to not only by five or more legal entities at the same address, but also no connection with the ‘neighbours’ (the company’s representatives are not located at the address, and correspondence is returned marked as “company no longer at this address” or “the retention period has expired”).

Thus, the entry in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities of a note concerning unreliable information or a refusal of the Federal Tax Service to register a company at the address of an administrative building where over five legal entities are located may be challenged in court. The argument may be put forward that the absence of a connection with other companies located at the address has not been proven.

To check whether a registration address is ‘large-scale’ in nature, please visit the website of the Federal Tax Service.

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