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New procedure of entry of citizens to the Russian Federation

New procedure of entry of citizens to the Russian Federation

LEGAL DIGEST, NEWS \ 24.05.2021

The Chief sanitary doctor of the Russian Federation has established new requirements that individuals should comply with when crossing the border of the Russian Federation. This information will also be useful for employers who organize business trips for their employees.

According to the Resolution No. 12 of the Chief sanitary doctor of the Russian Federation dated April 9, 2021, starting from April 15, 2021, citizens of the Russian Federation arriving in the country by any means of transport have to:

  1. Fill in the questionnaire on the State services portal before arriving in Russia (for example, after buying a ticket).
  2. Pass a laboratory test for COVID-19 by passing a PCR test within three calendar days from the date of arrival in Russia. The test results have to be posted on the website of the State services. To do this, it is necessary to fill in the form “Providing information about the results of the test for a new coronavirus infection”.
  3. Observe the self-isolation regime for 14 calendar days until the test results are received.

Previously, such requirements were applied only to those individuals who arrived in the country by plane.

There have also been changes with respect to foreign persons. Citizens of the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) who enter Russia from the Republic of Armenia, Belarus and the Kyrgyz Republic by air have to confirm the presence of a negative PCR test result through the mobile application “Travel without COVID-19”.

Please be reminded that the general procedure of arrival to the Russian Federation for foreign employees remains the same:

  1. To have a medical document confirming the negative PCR test results. Such test should be passed not earlier than 3 calendar days before arrival in Russia.
  2. To fill in the questionnaire for the person arriving in the Russian Federation when boarding the flight.

Also, from the Resolution No. 13 dated April 16, 2021, it follows that starting from May 1, apart from the above requirements, Russian citizens have to pass a second PCR test within five calendar days from the date of entry into Russia. The interval between the first and second laboratory test should be at least a day. The test results should be uploaded to the State services website.

For those returning from Turkey or the United Republic of Tanzania, the new rules for passing the test began to apply earlier – starting from April 21 this year.

Employers have to inform employees travelling abroad for both personal and work-related purposes about the need to pass a PCR test for the presence of coronavirus within three calendar days from the date of their arrival to the Russian Federation. If the test results are positive, such employees should comply with the requirements of self-isolation at their place of residence until they recover and receive negative results of the coronavirus test by PCR method.

Acsour specialists carefully monitor such legislative changes and are ready to advise you in the matters of drawing up of personnel events for employees.